There is one thing that people from the region do that must be shared with everyone.  They love to decorate there vehicles.  The result... Beautiful trucks!

Behold the Beautiful Trucks!
Beautiful truck in traffic
A beautiful truck in traffic!

This truck is very long
The come in many shapes and sizes.

Street strutter
Here is a pretty Mamma coming down the street!
Proud truck
These fellows were very proud to be able to show off their beautiful truck.
Proud from the side
...Even from the side.
Another beautiful truck

And another
It seems to be a custom from Pakistan.  Most of the trucks are from there.  As I have described in previous posts, these beautiful trucks are not just pretty to look at, but beautifully bring things to rebuild Afghanistan.  They bring food and materials.  There are also some Afghani ones, like the one with the fellows lovingly working on the engine.

Everyone takes pride in their vehicle.  Taxis are adorned with decorations.  Bicycles too with metallic paper and multi-color reflectors.  Horns are programmed to bleat out staccato tunes and buses have many strange slogans and phrases on the side, often in bitten English, like "Love no war".

We should all make our things this nice.